Notice – Savings

It’s a Drive-thru Revolution!

Together, Let’s Reduce Salad Prices by 20%

In a world where the norm is price increases, what if we could actually lower prices by finding efficiencies, scale, and reducing waste?

We think we can. By January 2019, we want to lower the price of our salads with chicken or organic tofu from $7.18 to $5.74. We have a bunch of game-changing ideas for efficiency in the works to help get us there, but we also need your help. Working as a team, together we can make the impossible possible. We will have our first price decrease on July 17, 2018 from $7.18 to $6.82 and then three more price decreases, each by 36¢, until we achieve our goal of having every salad with chicken or tofu at $5.74 instead of $7.18. We will do this while continuing to increase our organic ingredients, to offer our same large 48oz bowl portion, and to reinvest back in our people with higher wages.

We are a team and need your help to do the following:

* Help us reduce waste. If you don’t need a fork, spoon, napkin, or bag, let us know at the drive-thru or walk-up window. It all adds up — financially and in the landfill and every bit of savings helps both.

* Have your payment ready at the window. Having your payment ready at the drive-thru window will enable us to serve you faster, increasing efficiencies. Saving you time and money.

* Come more often. The more often you come, our buying power increases and our efficiencies grow. If you are making 1 visit each month, come twice. If you are coming 2x each month, come a 3rd. This one additional visit will make a huge difference in getting to the goal. With the lower prices, every time you come you will be saving money. 

* Share! Keep telling your friends, family, and coworkers about us. Follow and engage with us on social media — even a simple like, comment, or share will help spread the word! (Share this post here.)

* Help us make online orders 25% of all transactions. Order online and skip the line. Online orders allow our teams to focus on making salads faster, more consistently, and more accurately. This allows us to serve more guests and do it better so they will come back and tell others. Online ordering is coming soon to all locations. 

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