What precautions is Salad and Go taking?


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What is your food philosophy?
How big are your Salads?
Are your cheeses pasteurized?
Are your Dressings for sale?
Are your Dressings gluten-free?
Are your Breakfast Burritos gluten-free?
What exactly is customizable and what are your swapping rules?
Do you have a detailed ingredients list?


How fast does an order take?
Can I call in an order or pre-order?
Do you deliver?
Do you offer catering?
Can I order Salads during breakfast hours?
Do you have a loyalty program or rewards card?
Do you offer gift cards?


Yikes - I left something at the store! How do I get in touch with a specific location?
What is your seating situation?
What's the minimum hiring age?
Are you a franchise?
When are you planning to expand beyond the Phoenix Valley – and to where?
Would Salad and Go be interested in helping to sponsor my charity?

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